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Oil Spill Cleaning

Sludge Pumps was closely involved in the cleaning up of the Gulf Oil Spill. We had the only pump in the Gulf oil spill used by the National Response Corp. It helped unload hundreds of boats in the Gulf oil spill, without any breakdowns. Our pumps are not only powerful and heavy-duty but also very dependable and cost-effective.

Our super suction pump clean-up system for oil and chemicals is a unique patent pending system designed for the response, recovery, and cleanup of oil and chemical spills and other waste laden liquids. Tank cleaning and barrel pumping are other areas of use in the sludge pump industry.


We offer sales, rental, and repair services of oil spill cleaning pumps for customers nationwide. Companies across the country are using our pumps for:

  • Chemical Spill Clean Up.
  • High Viscous Skimmer Offloading.
  • Shoreline/Pipeline Oil Spills.
  • Submerged Oil Recovery.
  • Tank Cleaning.

As a solution-oriented partner, Sludge Pumps aims to develop new, application-specific pumps that meet changing customer requirements. 

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