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Sludge Pumps offers you high quality American-made hydraulic-driven vertical piston pumps. Our newest pump is lighter and more mobile than the original vertical pump, referred to as ‘the beast.’ The new pump has been re-engineered with lower maintenance and higher mobility in mind.

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What We Offer

At Sludge Pumps, we build the very best pump we can build.   We do all the fabrication, machining and assembly in-house, so our team can bring you the best sludge pump in the world.

We offer complete pump packages, including diesel or electric hydraulic power units, and trailers.  We also offer pump rentals and repair services; we also have a full line of parts for our pumps in stock, to restore them to their pristine state promptly when needed and to keep your business running smoothly. Parts can be ordered for onsite repairs, or pumps can be repaired at the Sludge Pumps facility.

As pump professionals, we are focused on the best solutions for our customers’ needs. We don’t just provide pumps, but often offer industry and application specific inputs based on our prior experience that can add value to our customers' specific applications.

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